Thread Recordings is an independent record label based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. It was founded in Manchester in 2015 to release dbh's Mood, and has since released music by C Joynes, Nick Jonah Davis, Cath & Phil Tyler, Burd Ellen, and others.

Final copies of our catalogue are available in the UK from Norman Records (online) and Vinyl Exchange (Manchester), and in the USA from Forced Exposure.

THR001 : Mood, by dbh (2015)
THR002 : Split Electric, by C Joynes / Nick Jonah Davis (2016)
THR003 : The Ox and the Ax, by Cath & Phil Tyler (2018)
THR004 : House of Dragons, by Nick Jonah Davis (2016)
THR005 : Mass, by dbh (2017)
THR006 : The Borametz Tree, by C Joynes & The Furlong Bray (2019)
THR007 : When the Sun Came, by Nick Jonah Davis (2020)
THR008 : The High Priestess and the Hierophant, by Burd Ellen (2021)